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Making Travel With Luggage Hassle-Free

December 26, 2007 | CBS News
A company called Baggage Quest is helping traveling families bypassing the airline check-in process by having their luggage picked up and shipped to their destination ahead of time. Read More

Delivering Fliers From Lost Luggage

November 29, 2007 | The Wall Street Journal
With a record number of bags almost certain to be lost this holiday travel season, a niche of services that helps find lost luggage or keep them from ever disappearing is thriving. Read More

Baggage Quest's luggage delivery has been revolutionizing the travel industry one bag at a time. Shipping luggage ahead of you allows you to bypass long check in lines, lost or re-directed baggage and luggage carousels all together. With the airlines now charging extra for simply checking on your luggage, shipping your luggage is now becoming the norm. Baggage Quest can pick up from your home, office, hotel and deliver your luggage to over 200 countries worldwide. Allowing Baggage Quest to forward your luggage to your final destination allows you to enjoy air travel and airports once again.