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Have you ever had your luggage lost Stood in long check-in lines at the airport?  Had someone mistaken your luggage for theirs? Had items break from careless airport luggage handlers? With a steady increase in air travelers and tighter regulations from the TSA, traveling has become quite the burden. has found a way to eliminate these headaches by offering a service that can have your items picked up and delivered to your destination. By simply selecting your shipping needs (number of items you wish to ship, pick-up and destination addresses and preferred transit times), Baggage Quest arrange all your shipping labels and scheduled pick-ups to have your luggage waiting for you at your destination. CBS News did a segment ( on their service illustrating how the Burns Family bypassed long lines at the airport and simply walked into and out of the airport with just their carry-ons. With an increase in the amount of lost luggage alternative means have now become available. “U.S. airlines last year lost about 10,000 bags a day on average, the worst performance since 1990,” Marilyn Adams, USA TODAY reported. With the increase of lost luggage each year airlines are falling short and are overwhelmed. Baggage Quest CEO David Williams states: “We have only seen the beginning of a very large problem with misplaced luggage from airlines.” Baggage Quest has seen an increase from shipping 2,000 bags three years ago, to projecting over 25,000 this year. Customers like Clint Burns don’t mind paying a little extra for assurance that their luggage will arrive on time.

Bottom line is that many travelers these days are fed up with the uncertainty of their luggage arriving with them. Baggage Quest has designed a way to take that inconvenience out of modern day travel. Though there is a cost of having your items shipped ahead, Clint Burns said, “I’d rather pay the little extra money to assure a good trip and the ease.”

Baggage Quest's luggage delivery has been revolutionizing the travel industry one bag at a time. Shipping luggage ahead of you allows you to bypass long check in lines, lost or re-directed baggage and luggage carousels all together. With the airlines now charging extra for simply checking on your luggage, shipping your luggage is now becoming the norm. Baggage Quest can pick up from your home, office, hotel and deliver your luggage to over 200 countries worldwide. Allowing Baggage Quest to forward your luggage to your final destination allows you to enjoy air travel and airports once again.