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Baggage Quest Sets New Industry Standards; Now Offering Luggage Delivery for $59 or Less!

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(Yorba Linda, CA) – Imagine your next trip to the airport. You’re lugging heavy suitcases through crowds of anxious travelers and are forced to wait up to two hours just to check your bags. You then come to find that your luggage doesn’t meet the required dimensions and weight specifications, obligating you to fork over an extra $25 for each bag. You’re tired and strained. By the time you get to your destination you are forced to tackle the troublesome baggage carousel only to find that your luggage has decided to vacation without you.

Now picture yourself whisking through the airport, bypassing the hassled masses, carrying nothing but your boarding pass. You arrive at your destination to find your bags patiently awaiting your arrival. No hassle, no strain. Too good to be true? Not really! Fortunately, the comfort and enjoyment of travel is only a click away.

Considered pioneers in the luggage delivery industry, Baggage Quest, LLC allows you to save time and money for all your business and leisure travel needs. With airlines now charging fees from beverages to luggage, it’s no wonder that people are becoming disenchanted with what was once an enjoyable experience. Founded in 2004 by two troubled travelers, Baggage Quest has been steadily revolutionizing the travel industry and changing the way people travel like frequent traveler Dale Gannon. Mr. Gannon who has used Baggage Quest several times, stated “There is nothing better than walking through the airport with just a carry on and a boarding pass. The time I save from not checking luggage and waiting at baggage carousels is well worth it.”

With roughly 12 companies worldwide that offer luggage delivery service, you might wonder what sets Baggage Quest apart from its competitors. By offering a standard $500 On-Time Delivery Guarantee, Baggage Quest will reimburse up to $500 in any last minute expenses if a delivery time is not met. Clients will also receive daily status updates regarding the location and estimated delivery time of their luggage.

Baggage Quest is now offering coast to coast luggage shipping promotions within the U.S., where travelers can enjoy the benefits of hassle-free travel for $59 or less. And since many airlines are now charging the same amount for overage fees when you check your luggage, why not bypass all the stress for just a few dollars more? Also, coming mid-August, Baggage Quest will be offering a “Back to School” promotion where college students can spend more time preparing for the upcoming year rather than cramming a lifetime into two simple suitcases.

With their competitive prices, Baggage Quest is soaring above its competitors, allowing them to be one of the most recognized luggage delivery services in the world. Baggage Quest’s slogan Click it, Ship it and Enjoy your Flight clearly describes how their service is putting the enjoyment back into travel one bag at a time.

Baggage Quest's luggage delivery has been revolutionizing the travel industry one bag at a time. Shipping luggage ahead of you allows you to bypass long check in lines, lost or re-directed baggage and luggage carousels all together. With the airlines now charging extra for simply checking on your luggage, shipping your luggage is now becoming the norm. Baggage Quest can pick up from your home, office, hotel and deliver your luggage to over 200 countries worldwide. Allowing Baggage Quest to forward your luggage to your final destination allows you to enjoy air travel and airports once again.