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Baggage Quest Soars Above the Competition — Now Offering Industry Exclusive Services

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LOS ANGELES–(Business Wire)–
Baggage Quest soars above the competition by offering its online exclusive services to travelers around the globe. With one in every 265 checked bags lost, Baggage Quest serves as an alternative with their online baggage pickup and delivery service. A partnership with one of internet’s top travel sites is in the works that will revolutionize traditional baggage check-in and exponentially increase Baggage Quest’s reach into the market.

“Tired of making a run to your hotel’s gift shop to pick up necessities because of lost luggage? Or how about having to run to the closest 24-hour Super Center to buy an outfit for an early morning business meeting that could greatly impact your career? With the help of Baggage Quest, a new modern travel service, you can avoid falling victim to the frustrations of lost or stolen baggage…and keep your piece of mind,” states David Williams, President/Founder of

The dilemma of lost or stolen baggage affects millions of people each year. In November 2007 the U.S. Department of Transportation reported 3.5 million incidences of missing bags, compared with 2.9 million in the same 11 month period in 2006. The Air Transport Association, a trade group for U.S. airlines, estimates about 930 million bags were checked on U.S. airlines in 2006. (Wall Street Journal) That adds up to an astonishing one lost bag for every 265 checked.

Baggage Quest provides many benefits to the general public such as easy online booking for both domestic and international services. In addition to picking up and delivering your baggage, Baggage Quest’s hassle-free assistance is guaranteed to bring simplicity to your leisure or business trip. With constant efforts being made to maximize customer satisfaction, Baggage Quest is in the works of completing their industry exclusive ‘On-Time Delivery Guarantee’ to secure their clients peace of mind.

Soon partnering with one of the largest online travel sites, Baggage Quest continues to modernize the traditional baggage check-in and earn the recognition of being one of the leading companies to provide door-to-door luggage services for travelers. Recently featured in the Wall Street Journal and on the CBS News with Katie Couric, it
is apparent that Baggage Quest has developed tremendously since their inception. See the Baggage Quest Video (

Baggage Quest's luggage delivery has been revolutionizing the travel industry one bag at a time. Shipping luggage ahead of you allows you to bypass long check in lines, lost or re-directed baggage and luggage carousels all together. With the airlines now charging extra for simply checking on your luggage, shipping your luggage is now becoming the norm. Baggage Quest can pick up from your home, office, hotel and deliver your luggage to over 200 countries worldwide. Allowing Baggage Quest to forward your luggage to your final destination allows you to enjoy air travel and airports once again.